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Mr Mactaggart told the court Ms Lenon — who studied with Mr Pajich at a college in Kwinana — lured the teenager to the house so Ms Lilley, an author of a book on a serial killer, could feel what it was like to kill someone.The jury was also shown vision of the two women at the Rockingham Shopping Centre the morning of June 13, with Mr Pajich turning up some time after.She told the court she had met Mr Pajich through a local church and had taken him in at the request of a friend.She said he went with her every Sunday to church, was good friends with her nine-year-old grandson, and called her 'Lady A'.The court was also shown vision of both women making numerous visits to a Rockingham hardware store in the days before Mr Pajich's death.Mr Mactaggart said they were buying products which could be used to dispose of a body.The same camera then showed Ms Lenon walking out of the back door before entering again about am.Detective Senior Constable Ian Jeffrey, whose role it was to review the footage, told the court the security camera then stopped recording."We assumed the power had been disconnected," he told the court."Certainly there was no further vision."Earlier on Tuesday the court heard from Adrienne Reid, the woman Mr Pajich had been living with in Waikiki for about six weeks before his murder.

Jemma Lilley, 26, and Trudi Lenon, 43, are on trial accused of fatally stabbing 18-year-old Aaron Pajich in June last year.

He said days after the alleged killing, Lilley divulged what had happened to a work colleague at the Palmyra supermarket where she was a supervisor, telling him "I did it, didn't I".

However, Mr Mactaggart said Lilley had divulged to the colleague that Mr Pajich had been stabbed — a detail that at the time was not known to anyone including police.

Mr Mactaggart also alleged the day after the murder, Lilley sent a text message to Lenon saying: "I'm seeing things I haven't seen before, I'm feeling things I haven't felt before …

it's incredibly empowering."He said evidence to be called at the trial would include other statements she had made to people, details of a book about a serial killer she had written in 2007 called Play Zone, and a plan for her to get tattoo of a jester holding a knife."She murdered Aaron Pajich for the euphoria and exhilaration of it."Mr Mactaggart said it was alleged that Lenon, "out of some warped or misguided reason" lured Mr Pajich to the house and "facilitated" or "aided" the murder."She lured Aaron Pajich to his certain murder," he said.

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