Shania twain dating toronto maple leaf

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It doesn’t matter if Zurkowsky “meant no harm,” that sentiment is harmful.

Oh, and nowhere does Zurkowsky actually apologize to Twain.

While many Canadians tuned into Sunday’s Grey Cup to watch the Toronto Argonauts take on (and, spoiler, eventually beat) the Calgary Stampeders, my interest in sports is pretty much exclusive to the half time show: and this year, Shania Twain did not disappoint. Between her red bedazzled bodysuit, matching fuzzy jacket and on-point performance of classic chart-toppers as well as her newest release, “Life’s About to Get Good,” Twain was basically everything we want for the holiday season. As Daianna (last name withheld) noted on Twitter, Zurkowsky’s tweet would be offensive at any time, but it is particularly infuriating given that we’ve spent the last few months watching women open up about their experiences with sexual harassment in every aspect of daily life. Calling Twain, or any woman for that matter, a “tramp”—which Merriam Webster defines as “a woman who has sex with many different men”—is NOT OK.

The 52-year-old Canadian treasure won the night before she even took the stage, entering the snowy Ottawa stadium on a dogsled and strutting up to the stage, escorted by a v. Internet: for weeks, women share painful stories of all manner of sexual harassment, articles are written, important convos are had Montreal Gazette reporter:— maple leaf latinx (@daibyday) November 27, 2017LIKE UGH, CAN WE NOT HAVE ONE SINGLE EVENT WITHOUT BS LIKE THIS? Later that night, Zurkowsky deleted the tweet and replaced it with an “apology” that somehow managed to be even more ridiculous than his original comment.

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