Cacti graphs stopped updating Sex chats for men without credit card

Added a "data source duplicate" function and moved "graph duplicate" to "Graphs" on the cacti menu.settings: You can now turn on/off cacti's builtin authentication.And a non daemon test of fping on the config file yields what appear as solid results.What other things can I look for, in the way of diagnostics?

Suddenly my graphs stopped updating, I was away a few days so didntdiscover it until now.

This is how most co-location facilities calculate 95th percentile for billing purposes.

Users will only see tabs for the graph viewing modes that they have access to.

messages log doesn't show anything so far with apache or smokeping. Designed by Kyle Manna © 2003; Style derived from original sub Silver theme.

Add technical support output to System Utilities compat: Add additional checking due to php-snmp changes in Windows compat: Remove GIF as a supported file type for RRDTool 1.2.x and added SVG file type Added a new 95th percentile type, "max", which calculates 95th percentile based on the maximum of either inbound or outbound for each sample.

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