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Visit for an excellent raw food cookbook with simple easy to prepare dishes, salads, deserts and other snacks with beautiful pictures of the creations all made from ingredients sourced at organic local farmer market crops and produce, and natural grocers who support local sustainable farming methods.

The Mystery of Hanukkah The ABOMINATION of DESOLATION Revealed!

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Think about that the next time you endorse or encourage someone living “large,” living a life of excessive consumerism and materialism, by suggesting to them in any manner that their displaying tangible evidence of “success” impresses you.

Mystery of the Jubilee Man Christian Rabbi Jonathan Cahn PROPHECY ALERT: “Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Thrown Off The Temple Mount” PROPHECY Alert: “UN Voted To Divide Israel, Jerusalem Pre 1967 Borders” NOTE: If you are reading this, let it be known, time was taken off from posting for a while, as you may have noticed, and right when it was decided it was time to return to the effort as the U. ”selection/so called election began to end things predictably began to happen rather quickly.

Things are only going to get worse from here on, but you should accept the prophetic blessing of the written revelation in the scriptures that have perfectly describe what is really happening and what is coming upon this final generation. …take care, and heed the warning, don’t end up in Hell, there is no reason for anyone to not be risen up in agreement unto our Father in Christ.

…postings will continue, just keep in mind it’s a lot of work, so when there are no postings for a while it’s because rest is needed.

It is not an untrue statement to say excessive consumerism and unnecessary consumption of wealth beyond reasonably satisfying basic needs is indirectly killing all of us prematurely and reducing the quality of life for everyone, for every specie on this plant.

Please support the natural products, natural foods, raw foods, local farming and related healthy living initiatives taking wider root culturally in the US and abroad.

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