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report that among middle-class teens, oral sex—and by “oral sex,” it meant fellatio—not only was becoming ubiquitous, but that they were engaging in it far earlier and more casually than teens’ busy (read: neglectful) working parents realized.

According to one Long Island child psychologist, girls that age would tell him earnestly that they expected to wait until marriage for intercourse, yet had already given head .Were thirteen-year-old boys really up to fifteen public blow jobs in the space of a few hours?Wouldn’t any rainbow effect be rinsed off or at least indelibly smudged by each subsequent partner?I wondered, though: If teens didn’t consider oral sex to be “sex,” how did they perceive it? We met in Ruby’s bedroom, one wall of which she’d painted midnight blue.What did it mean to girls to give or receive oral sex? Leggings, T- shirts, and skirts tumbled out of half-open dresser drawers.

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