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How it does that has a lot to do with its construction.

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This is a very natural environment for masturbation: the sensation of warm water surrounding you immediately helps to relax the muscles of the body so that you can tune into your sexual feelings.

The box it came in was pretty nice heavy duty cardboard type material, with a nice space inside carved out for the toy to fit into.

Its rechargeable too, so theres a charger included, and they even give a little storage bag. Read More » The Ladygasm Vice is one of the newest and most innovative sex toys for women in 2012.

For women sexual satisfaction also has an emotional content: taking a warm bath provides emotional comfort which plays a role in releasing inhibitions and allowing you to have totally satisfying orgasms.

Read More » There are many different female masturbation techniques you can use for pleasure, but the most important thing to help you enjoy it fully is to be relaxed.

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