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Originally named the Museum of Chinese and American War Crimes, the War Remnants Museum is a harrowing but fascinating account of the Vietnam War.As its original name implied, the information is arguably one sided, but the documents and artefacts tell their own story.Planned in detail by French colonialists in the late 19th century, it incorporates wide, tree lines boulevards and frequent parks.

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Your guide will pick you up from your hotel on a Vespa motorbike - the only way to negotiate Saigon’s traffic.Pop inside and you’ll find huge hand-painted maps that depict Saigon in 1892.The highest point on Saigon’s skyline, Bitexco tower is at the heart of the city’s financial quarter.In their prime, they stretched from Saigon to the Cambodian border, helping the Viet Cong control a vast rural area.At the site it’s possible to watch original film footage of the tunnels, illustrating their use as hospitals, schools and communication channels.

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