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The mother lodged a police report in July, which led to the arrest.The case was then heard in the new court, which aims to speed cases through the system and better protect children.She then went on to have a chat with her colleague.That sort of thing would get you chased out of the That's not a good sign, Rudi.A Malaysian man was charged on Thursday with more than 600 counts of raping and sodomising his teenaged daughter, prompting calls for greater protection for women and girls.The case comes as Malaysia seeks to crack down on child sex offences, including the establishment of a special court for abuse cases, and tougher sentencing for child pornography and grooming.It cited cultural attitudes in mostly Moslem Malaysia and a lack of sympathy from the male-dominant police force as factors that discourage women from reporting the crime.

For each charge of sodomy, the defendant could be punished with a maximum jail term of 20 years, as well as caning.

A man in Malaysia is facing a potential prison sentence of 12,000 years if convicted of more than 600 charges of rape and other sexual assaults against his teenage daughter.

Court officials in Kuala Lumpur took two full days to read out all 646 charges against the 36-year-old man, who is divorced.

I mean, the fictional Georgie may have an important job, but still have some manners, Lane. " Let's hope she didn't forget her charger...

Viewers flocked to Twitter to say the scene was 'cringe' and 'awkward', spare a thought for poor Rudi, eh, guys? Featured Image Credit: PA Images Claire Reid is a journalist at LADbible.

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