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But they don’t preach or try to give students all the answers. How do stereotypes of masculinity play into the problem?On a recent Thursday evening, the men’s lacrosse team packed into a dorm’s common area, where the group’s presenters, all women, tried to draw the athletes out. “You should have consent before you go out and party and get drunk, instead of waking up the next day and regretting it,” one player said.

The team attended a half-day workshop in September on bystander intervention.“No college has all of the right solutions yet,” says Shayna Han, a senior at Union who helped start the college’s Committee on Consent Education and Awareness this year.spoke with talked about scaling back their own drinking to avoid becoming too aggressive or vulnerable.“As a team, I want to win a national championship,” offered another.“I don’t want another player going out and touching a woman who doesn’t want to be touched and undermining our success.” Every time someone spoke up, the women tossed out packets of Sweet Tarts or Reese’s Pieces.

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