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School took every student they saw on cctv out of lesson to write a statement.The girl attacked my daughter ,because my daughter asked her not to call her friends sick mother the c word!Mother and child were called into school Wednesday eve for meeting.I never got my meeting I got a call yesterday to say all dealt with, girl has been excluded three days and told not to contact my daughter or face serous consequences ( what like 3 day exclusion) that's it , they have told her she is not allowed to harass her on school bus either.Do they say to people who have been burgled, well it's your fault for having nice things in your house?

As you say, Kelly, the police like to leave these things to the school to deal with, who will have procedures they have to follow. It seems violent young thugs can get away with a lot before the school can do anything meaningful.I have wondered with it is more about keeping the more aggressive and unpleasant members of the school community in school at no matter what cost to everyone else, rather than making it clear to them that their actions are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.I hope that your daughter's injuries are improving. Thanks I agree with you too , I think the problem they mentioned is something at home.Hi Trying to keep this short as can be My child was attacked at school on Monday , When School originally called me they said said she had her face slapped and hair pulled.My child was left with severe bruising and a whiplash like injury to her neck I called them and said sorry this is a assault and you better take it more seriously , after hearing I had reported incident to police and had my daughters injurys recorded at local hospital where I was told to keep her off for rest of week,they said they were taking it seriously but couldn't contact other child or mother as child had run out of school after incident and not come back in following day.

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