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“The plaintiff’s claims against the defendant are declaratory orders that exempt supplies as provided for under section 19 (1) of the Value Added Tax Act (VAT) are not taxable supplies and therefore cannot become taxable supplies at zero rate when exported to warrant a refund of input tax claims,” Read more Uganda’s economy was to grow at 5.5 per cent in Financial Year (FY) 2017/18 from 4.6 per cent growth outturn in FY 2016/17, which itself was lower than the 5 per cent forecast in June 2015.In the Bank of Uganda (Bo U) monetary policy statement for February 2017, they underscored that growth had been revised downwards to 4.5 per cent in FY 2016/17 due to slower economic activity in the first half of the FY.

In the case filed on March 21 in the commercial court, Mr Joseph Okuja, through Taslaf Advocates and Consultants, alleges that URA made Shs15.8b worth of Value Added Tax (VAT) refunds to about 20 companies in the coffee, flower, fresh fish and fresh fruits export sectors between 20.

The self-regulatory code of conduct prescribes activities that ware house operators need to undertake while handling maize during storage, and also guides ware houses management practices that ensure that that their practices are in accordance with EAC quality standards.

Some of the activities include quality checks at village level before the grain gets to the warehouse, checking the moisture content so that only grains with acceptable moisture content is stored, hygiene of the grain, level of chemical residues, broken kennels, stacking, packaging among others.

Ugandan Manufacturers should get worried of the increasing number of imports from Asian countries instead of worrying about the Economic Partnership Agreements between the European Union (EU) and the East African Community (EAC).

Uganda and other EAC countries have been discussing the EU, EAC, EAPS agreements for the last 12 years; some are not yet convinced that it's a good deal like Uganda while Kenya has already signed partly to secure markets for horticulture products.

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