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Cathriona White was a talented make-up artist from Ireland who dated the Hollywood actor from 2012 At the time of her death, Cathriona was married to Mark Burton, a cameraman she met in Los Angeles while work on an online comedy series.Ed Winter, the assistant chief of the Los Angeles coroner’s office, told The Times: "I understand that she and Mr Burton were going to divorce but they were still officially married at the time of her death so he is her official next-of-kin." Mark Burton claims his lawsuit is "on the grounds of wrongful death and violation of the drug dealer liability act".According to reports, Jim tried to seek a privacy request, however a judge denied the request and his attempts to remove allegations that he transmitted STDs to Cathriona - with the judge ruling Jim's privacy concerns are not a top priority.

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He's worth an estimated .6 billion, according to Forbes. Sources close to Mariah tell us James has been aggressively pursuing Mariah for months, and he succeeded.Peace and love to you all." Following her death, it emerged that Cathriona threatened suicide during her relationship with Carrey, writing that she was “too messed up for anyone to love” in one message in 2012, reports TMZ.In another, after they split in 2013, she accused Carrey, 54, of giving her STDs and wrote: “My blood is on your hands,” investigators have found.Together they had this five year of coalition and then unfortunately, they never carried it on.This all history shows that she failed in life time partnerships with anyone among these entire pretty ladies list.

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