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A beautifully blended perfume, this one is an ideal introduction to the line for Amouage neophytes. This, to me, smells exactly like what Spicebomb wants to be when it grows up and moves out of its parents cheap, synthetic Christmas candle factory, finally gets laid by a WOMAN, discovers what class is and becomes a man instead of an irritating whiney prepubescent kid that shouts “ME ME ME” all the time. With that being said, personally, I think the bookends of this particular scent are it's best parts.On my skin, the fragrance opens with a creamy blackberry smothered in resins.The sweater I wore has trace amounts of the opening smell, and that's many hours after spraying. The slightly medicinal Oud note compels me to keep inhaling it. As I was walking out of the house my wife started to kiss me goodby and ended up pulling me in and burying her nose in my shirt for about fifteen seconds to smell it. despite all the heavy notes it never comes off too strong, but just strong enough to captivate those in your vicinity.Initial impression from a first wearing from a new bottle: Smells like nothing else. It’s hard to tell where one note ends and another begins. I got about 3 to 4 hours out of it before it went to skin after applying in a quantity just this side of generous. The fragrance just feels very cozy and warming on a cool winter night.The berry still attempts to poke it's head out, but the thick, super-sweet, almost vegetal opoponax bullies it back into a corner.This struggle continues for a solid 5-6 hours and then vanishes.The drydown is a pleasant mix of, to my nose, very dry cedar and just a touch of the previous sweetness. I will follow up with note details after wearing this a few more times. Delicious, sweet, smokey, fruity , woody, oudy, floral and spicy all in one.A fascinating fragrance nonetheless, I'd be very interested to hear if anyone has suggestions regarding a scent that excludes/tones down that opoponax party while still keeping the rest of it. An update: This smells really good on clothes; less resins, more berry. I’m at hour 6 and it’s still DEFINATELY present on the skin but at this price, I should be radiating this lovely scent for a few more hours. Based on the scent profile and the reviews I expected this one to explode with unique smells and fill the room with the essence of an exotic garden ... In fact it was very underwhelming and reminded me of just another basic mainstream designer frag. you think that because of all of the notes it will come off as an obnoxious mess, but it never does. longevity is 10 plus hours and projection is appropriately in the medium range.

There are 175,000 employees associated with this retail chain.Jubilation for Men by Amouage is a Oriental Fougere fragrance for men. Top notes are orange, coriander, labdanum, tarragon, olibanum and blackberry; middle notes are guaiac wood, cinnamon, bay leaf, honey, orchid, rose, clove and celery seeds; base notes are opoponax, patchouli, myrrh, cedar, musk, oakmoss, ambergris, agarwood (oud) and immortelle. so if you dont love it, your stupid and will never again be taken seriously .. It right away smells like it's very expensive, well made..But is it interesting and have it's own character.. It smells like 100 other men's EDT's only obviously higher quality.It assist you with all the service of ASDA including groceries, financial services, clothing, mobile service and others.Online shops offers: Fragrance 1 product for 146.24 USDStrawberry EUR 2 items for 165.50 - 215.50 EURFragrance EUR 1 product for 173.72 EURFragrance 1 product for 202.49 USDView products...

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