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If you follow her tweets, you're aware of (most) of her exploits, including an appearance at Sundance (huh? And then I’ve had over 200 resumes sent to me saying they want to work for Gretchen Christine Beaute and I’ve had multiple magazines and multiple people asking me to give samples and information. The perception of the area where we live in is that everybody has money growing on trees.

I should call Vicki up and say, "Come spend a day with me and let’s have a little chitty-chat about what I really do." Right now, at this given moment, the last week has just been kind of crunch time for my makeup line (Gretchen Christine Beaute) that I’m launching. Or can "Housewives" enthusiasts go to their local department store or CVS Pharmacy? I’m going to take this company through a few different phases.

So she kind of talked to me and said there was some great business opportunities. I’ve had an opportunity to purchase a music publishing catalog that put me in the middle of the music industry, which I just love and have a passion for … He was one of the top title reps so we worked together a lot because of that.

And when I really started to think about it, it comes back to my entrepreneurial ways. But unfortunately there’s too much water under the bridge. now she realizes that it’s never going to be that way. The rift seems to now center on this blog entry you wrote. There were so many things that Tamra put out there to the press and the show that were contradictory or that were lies. which, actually allowed me to produce the song I had written about Jeff. I just have a lot of things going on that are even bigger than what the little things the women on the show say about me. When you sign up for a show like this, there’s a big warning sign that says: “Beware! By the way, just so you know, I’m frosting cupcakes right now. Anyway, Slade and I have been friends for eight years. And I was married at the time when I had first met Jo and Slade.

It was always nice to be in a relationship with someone who was well off at the time that we were dating; I was spoiled rotten, yes. but I also made my own money and the show really didn’t show that side of me. or did anything, for that matter, until you mentioned it on the show. I’ve never lost that entrepreneurial spirit and I honestly believe that that’s what made Jeff fall in love with me … But once he passed away, reality set in really quick and I was like "holy smokes." I’ve now taken a good year and a half off from a very lucrative business … I was married once before; I know what being a housewife is. He just said, "Honey, you keep getting these opportunities.

They didn’t show me as the entrepreneur that I was. and you start looking at your savings account and you say, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s no more money filling up that." It just starts depleting itself because every month you still gotta pay those bills. But the modern-day housewife is a totally different housewife. So for me, I was engaged to Jeff to be married and I was very much in charge of the house -- cooking and decorating and doing all the things you would associate with the traditional housewife. Maybe there’s something in the universe telling you to do this. If you listen to it, I told Bryan that I didn't want the song overproduced. I said my prayer to Jeff and God before I walked out there. does this mean there will be no follow-up to another Housewives hit "Tardy to the Party"?

Ultimately, for me, personally, the second season had a lot to do with setting the record straight with a lot of the women … At the time, I didn’t know Alexis all that well, but what I do know about Alexis is that she just really wanted to make amends. She is someone that I work with and someone I will be cordial with. We also see tension develop between you and Lynne [Curtin] after your attempt to reach out to Alexa. I’ve talked to her a few times and she’s like “Oh, it was forever ago.” If you really review the footage, I never ever once gave Alexa advice. But I guess that's what I don't understand. He just truly is one of the most endearing, sweetest, loving people I know. But if you piss him off, he’s not the best person to have against you.

he didn’t; meaning right now his estate is in the deficit.

And when you’re used to living the high life, it’s hard to scale back.

So I get why some of the women were struggling to keep up with the Jones’, if you will, all the while they’re not making the same income as before.

And we see that you're not rolling in the dough -- as some suspected -- after Jeff's death.

Everybody had this misconception that I was with Jeff for his money.

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