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Shock Top, CAnd now comes Anheuser-Busch’s sort-of craft beer, the one that is served with the fruit wedge that the beefy guy flicks away in the anti-craft ad.

Comic TJ Miller is fine here, but he’s forced to trade insults with the Shock Top character, the sunglasses-wearing, mohawked bro who adorns their tap handles.

Classic rock ads, A-You can’t go wrong with the stuff that’s still on car radios all the time, right? Acura nimbly employs the whoops and hollers of the David Lee Roth solo vocal track from “Running with the Devil,” long a You Tube favorite, to convey excitement about its new vehicle.

It’s understandable that advertisers want to do more than tell a few jokes or sell a few more widgets.

But Colgate’s message about not wasting water when you brush your teeth feels in this setting like hectoring.

But the ad for the No More anti-violence campaign, using a string of text messages, tells people something they might not know: that the apologies a woman makes for her partner could be covering something worse.

Snickers, C Again dipping into pop culture after its success mining “The Brady Bunch” last year, Snickers this time suggests that cranky Marilyn Monroe (played by Willem Dafoe, in a dress, above a subway grate) just needs a bite of candy to be restored to her sweet self.

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Not my favorite from the chip maker’s generally successful series of DIY spots, but the ending is pretty funny.

Give it credit for keeping the presence of the celebrities, who also include musician Missy Elliott, in service to the commercial message, showing America just what is the Amazon Echo, a surprise but still little-known electronics hit.

Avocados from Mexico, A-Aliens of the future tour a museum displaying “the bounty of Earth,” including the “cube of Rubik,” a “torture device” viewers recognize as a commercial airline cabin and Scott Baio.

Some of it worked (Alec Baldwin, David Bowie), but much of it was too safe to be interesting (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marilyn Monroe, Janelle Monae).

Meantime, some risky bets on new characters, a “puppymonkeybaby” and a friendly marmot, left viewers feeling a little queasy.

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