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To stop them spinning away, I reached around the outside with my free arm, grabbing the far side of their neck, using that to complete the pass.However, I suspect a higher belt wouldn't have let me do that.With free sparring, I started off with Liam, a fellow purple who is also bigger.He was going fairly light, otherwise I would have been choked out several times.

You then want to adjust and turn until your instep is under their head.

There is also the option of transitioning to an armbar.

As you turn and come up, instead of looking to get side control, focus on grabbing just below the elbow of their trapped arm and pulling up and in towards your body. If they try and roll you over, there is the option of still going for the omoplata.

Back to the nogi tonight with Miles, working from closed guard.

It's been very muggy today, which made for an extremely sweaty session, but that's great for working control.

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