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They were presumably dead when they were trying to pass the temporarily closed Heron's Gate.

The Heron Knights first appeared in Episode 27, during the show's second season. B-DICE is an organization that tries to discredit DICE by posing as DICE members, but without a convincing disguise, their tricks are easily uncovered.

It has been said that all of them grew up in a time of war and that their families were victims of it.

She is seen by all of her teammates as an older sister. He always appears in his stylish hat (even when piloting his dinobreaker), and loves to brag about how it was tailor-made.

In episode 7, Chao's pet moke, stole his hat and ran through a dinner half naked to get it back.

The famous slogan is We are B-DICE, but that doesn't mean we're nice!

A Sitanian archaeologist working with B-DICE to find the Sitan Kaleidoscope.

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