Who is ant and dec dating

We just run the joint.’ Following another round Dec again queried what the grub tasted like.‘Gone-off eggs,’ Becky replied, causing Dec to ask: ‘Like rotten eggs?During tonight's episode, the rest of the celebs had to compete in this year's live Bushtucker Trial, a parody of Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway named 'Jungle Takeaway'.

Amir claimed the points after ringing in at , six seconds ahead of Jennie.

It continued later on during a ‘speed-dating’ task – which meant that the girls had to eat a particularly unappetising bug-filled feast in 45 seconds – as Rebekah turned to the boys and said: ‘Have you f***ing seen that thing?

’ And again in her final course when eating an ostrich’s foot (lovely), Dec joked about her needing to eat the whole thing rather than a small bit and Becky said: ‘Nice try.’ Whilst this might have all been a bit of harmless banter, many I’m A Celebrity 2017 fans accused Rebekah of being rude to Ant and Dec and they weren’t happy about it.

Next, 'Blend of the Show Show' saw Iain Lee and Kezia Dugdale attempt to down two foul concoctions - blended bull penis, and blended ostrich and pig anus.

Kezia struggled with the smoothies, allowing Iain to power ahead and finish first.

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