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The Freudian analysis here, he says, is that i Phones are useful for luring the opposite sex, just like Porsches and Prada shoes.

That’s according to New York University marketing professor Scott Galloway, who told a crowd at the Cannes Lions marketing festival here that Apple isn’t so much a tech brand as it is a luxury brand.

“The wealthiest people in Europe are in luxury,” Galloway said, depicting the continental jet set as typical i Phone users.

“You knew right away that there was something off about him,” according to someone who worked with him on the Apthorp project. ‘I knew this one, I knew that one.’ Much more so than anyone I’ve ever met.Selfies on Rachel’s Facebook page show her grinning at fashion and charity events alongside Jessica Chastain, Martha Stewart, Rachel Zoe and Chris Rock. The next time Rechnitz would be in The Post would be on Page 1 — as the campaign donor who ensnared the highest echelon of city government and law enforcement in a pay-for-play scandal. Because while he may have had New York at his feet, he also had Mayor de Blasio on speed dial.Sometimes, Rechnitz would be chauffeured around town in a police vehicle by Philip Banks III, then a top chief in the NYPD. ” the wife boasted in a 2011 Facebook photo of her husband and his business partner, Ari Schwebel, sitting on the floor of Madison Square Garden. For two days last week, Rechnitz, a 34-year-old New York transplant from a wealthy California real-estate family, had the city transfixed.Rechnitz married fellow Californian Rachel Kahn in 2005.The youngest of their five children was born late last year. They are a very hyperactive bunch, and he was very patient and gentle with them,” said a friend of the family’s baby sitter. After working for Marcus & Millichap, a commercial real-estate brokerage, and Broad Properties, in 2006 he started as an assistant at Africa Israel, a real-estate firm owned by Israeli diamond merchant Lev Leviev.

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