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When I found that I needed help – as a patient – I realized that I was not used to being in this role. Initially, being a patient, rather than a caregiver, was difficult for me. It was a unique experience that I came to really enjoy, being a patient and not the expert on hand to solve problems for others.Scott Kahan is an incredibly caring and thoughtful individual.His understanding of evidence-based medicine is excellent, and he communicates it very well to patients.His ability to understand and connect the gap between what we know and what we actually feel and do cuts to the core of the issues at hand.They have an eternally positive attitude, and a willingness to tailor the program to my own needs and desires. All of this highly personalized care seems amazing to me, but Dr.They even built a plan for me that lets me have my Comopolitan when I come home from work. Kahan seems to see it as just part of his job, a job that he clearly loves and at which he excels.” G. Kensington, MD March, 2011 ________________________________________________________________________ I am a physician with many years of experience in caring for patients. I actually live about 4 hours away from his office, but I felt that it was worth the drive to work with him. He made me feel like I had “permission” to seek his help, advice, and encouragement.

His personality is such that he clearly cares for his patients and is always “in the moment” as he listens and gives to others.

Turns out, 45 pounds later, that losing all that weight was the easy part; keeping it off for six months, as I have, did indeed take re-training.

Fortunately for me, the clinic provided that, and more. Kahan has not only met with me regularly to help me improve my physical health over the past three years, he has met with my husband, my psychologist, my husband’s psychologist, and my nutritionist to coordinate the best possible holistic care for me and to help me navigate several major life changes. Kahan, I have lost 100 pounds, met and married my husband, become a fan of biking to work, and learned to ride the rollercoaster of managing my weight while catching the curveballs life throws at all of us – all largely thanks to Dr. I have been his patient for three years, and I continue to be amazed by his ability to see me as a whole person, with physical and emotional health concerns that go beyond my weight. He helped me lose about 100 pounds, but more than the weight loss, he helped me learn to think about living a full, healthy life, to accept the ups and downs of living with a life-long process of working to find a balance that is right for me.

Rather, the real goal is being able to help you learn what got you where you are and how to make the changes, retrain your mind and body, and redesign your environment, all to help you maintain a healthy weight moving forward.

I’m really grateful to be a patient at the clinic, it’s definitely been the right program at the right time for me… Rockville, MD ________________________________________________________________________ The first thing I heard when I went to the clinic for orientation was this: The reason almost everyone who loses weight gains it back is that they’ve been told a big lie.

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