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In this letter to the Orlando Sentinel on August 11, 1955, she criticizes the 1954 Brown v.

Supreme Court rules railroad dining car segregation is unequal treatment and thus violates the Interstate Commerce Act. During her later years she became supporter of conservative causes.

Supreme Court rules that states must provide equal, even if separate, educational facilities for African Americans. It also specifically prohibits all federal government agencies from practicing racial discrimination in hiring.

Roosevelt bans racial, ethnic and religious discrimination in hiring in all industrial facilities receiving federal contracts. This order reaffirms and broadens the Fair Employment Practices Committee which was established with Executive Order 8802. As a consequence of a lawsuit initiated by Virginia resident Irene Morgan, The U. Supreme Court rules that segregation on interstate buses is unconstitutional.

Supreme Court rules against classroom and social segregation on the basis of race.

Board of Education decision that ordered the desegregation of public schools.

The Supreme Court again overturns the conviction of a Scottsboro defendant. 5, 1935 which rules against segregation at the University of Maryland law school.

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Supreme Court rules that the Scottsboro defendants must be retried because Alabama officials violated the 14th Amendment by denying them adequate legal counsel. Thurgood Marshall argues for the appellant Murray, an early civil rights victory for the future Supreme Court Justice.

Constitution of the African Civilization Society (1796) The African Civilization Society was one of the earliest organizations created by African Americans. Congress ends the legal importation of enslaved persons of African ancestry into the United States. Supreme Court rules that Africans on board the ship The Amistad are free individuals; kidnapped and transported illegally; they had never been slaves.

As its constitution shows, the Society was dedicated to the spread of Christianity across Africa and among people of African descent, and the abolition of the slave trade. Constitution of the Afric-American Female Intelligence Society of Boston (1832). Former President John Quincy Adams argued successfully to the court the Africans’ right to fight to regain their freedom when they rebelled against their captors.

Supreme Court distinguishes between “state citizenship” and “federal citizenship” and narrows the scope of the 14th Amendment in regard to state actions. Congress attempts to provide a number of rights to African American during the Reconstruction era.

Supreme Court holds that states cannot require carriers engaged in interstate commerce to provide integrated facilities even for trips within state borders.

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