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As the game progresses they figure out that he's a cheat and has been ripping them off. In an effort to teach him a lesson the ladies pull down his pants, leaving his bare butt on the cold tile floor and his cock exposed for all to see.

He gets shoved to the floor, falling hard on his ass. They demand he beat off and he's soon tugging his growing cock while the girls watch and comment.

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While the ladies and the teacher discuss poetry he begins stroking his cock through his pants. They make him strip so they can get a good view of what he's doing.

The poetry lesson over, the girls encircle him while he strokes his hard dick.

The ladies take a real liking to Troy and they give him high marks for his cock and especially his enormous load.

These three girls want to have a roulette party so they invite their hot male friend over to act as dealer.

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