Anonymous sex hookups

When I found myself single in my 40s, I realized that the dating landscape had changed significantly. My first reaction to all of this was to decide that the dating world was slowly turning into a bad porn film, but after giving in to my curious nature and trying it out for myself, I changed my mind about casual sex.I found out that hooking up can be a liberating and healing experience if you do it right.

If you want casual sex, or any sex for that matter, to enhance your spiritual growth, it’s important to bring playfulness into the experience.

One of the best things about hooking up is how easy it is to do that.

You aren’t bringing any conflicts or manipulative tactics into the picture. Playing the field helped me see myself a little more clearly.

I realized that as I aged, I made the choice to play it safe more than I used to.

I relied on outside approval and societal norms to shape who I had become.

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