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Glass Joe first appeared as the first opponent in the arcade classic Punch-Out!! He made his next appearance on the Nintendo Entertainment System game Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!in 1987; once again as the very first opponent in the minor circuit.Aside from his headgear blocking all damage from Mac's jabs, he becomes slightly faster, and has also learned some fake-out moves, allowing him to be a rather challenging opponent.Also, because his headgear will block jabs for him, he only needs to guard his stomach, meaning that his poor between-punches defense has now been fixed.Glass Joe didn't appear directly in the 1994 Punch-Out!!game, but was linked to two characters in the game: Gabby Jay as his former boxing student and Nick Bruiser as the only boxer Joe had (allegedly) ever defeated. Glass Joe first appeared as the first opponent in the arcade classic in 1983.He is mostly in the game for players to learn how to use punches and avoid attacks. Instant Knockout Glass Joe makes a returning appearance in Punch-Out!! In his slideshow, he is shown to be a somewhat nervous Frenchman with a love for croissants, baguettes and coffee, but is very proud of his nationality, evident by every one of his pictures being by famous French landmarks, namely the Arc De Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower.He is voiced by Christian Bernard (French Canadian) and speaks legitimate French.

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He does not throw punches often until he performs his "Vive La France" taunt.Glass Joe is usually seen as the easiest character to beat in any version of Punch-Out!! He has poor defensive skills and takes quite a while to mount any offense.His lone signature maneuver is his "Taunt Punch" in which he takes a few steps back, shakes his gloves, mumbles a few words and then rushes forward to unleash his right hook, which can easily be counter-punched for an immediate knockdown.If Mac loses to him, he will say his name, march around, and show his (lack of) toughness.Attacks: Glitch: At the start of the fight, hook him when he taunts, then hook him when he is going back to the middle for another star, then throw in another hook, then do three jabs, three hooks, three jabs, three hooks, and immediately use the Two-Star Punch to knock him down.

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