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It felt like a very tidy and grown-up city; a serious place for serious people.“Whereabouts is the meeting? Perhaps now we’ll find out why.”Adam nodded solemnly. Adam tried to accept the intended reassurance, but all he could feel was the clamminess in his dad’s grip.

They turned from Thirteenth Street onto I Street Northwest—the city was a grid of letters and numbers—and Adam counted three stately parks within six blocks. “We know that Geneflow has been creating living terror weapons and uploading human minds into the bodies of beasts.

A slim officer walked into the room, handsome and dark-skinned.

Violent urges swelled inside him as the programmed orders burned fiercely at the forefront of his brain. Adam felt his whole body convulse with the thrill of the hunt, the anticipation of the taking of one more life. Terrified, the human creature whirled to face him, its bruised, grimy face stricken with terror.

With the completion of these kill tests, the work to end the world of flesh and fur would enter its final phase. Wires trailed from the pads to a battered black console and a computer on a side table. Adam shivered as his dad crowned him with a high-tech headset and finished hooking him up to the console. “Gaming—the thing you love most, the thing you do best. ”Adam closed his eyes, tried to think himself calmer. Or as safe as anywhere could be after all he and his dad had been through the last year. “You know, Dad, there are times when I wish you’d never invented Ultra-Reality.”Mr. “If the United States military found it in an abandoned Geneflow base, why can’t they just try it out for themselves? “The simulation the military recovered was damaged, Ad. They’ve tried all kinds of players, but it seems no one can get the Think-Send system to work correctly.” He grimaced. Adam will have to join forces with a deadly pterosaur named Keera, and with the help of his old friend Zed, they'll need to risk everything to stop Geneflow once and for all and restore order to the world. Her natural senses, enhanced in ways she didn’t understand, brought the scent of prey to her nostrils, the cold whirl of machinery to her ears. The scent of the sea was snuffed out in the rush of data, the sun’s warmth was lost as her blood temperature rose and her predator’s instincts kicked in. Her supersharp senses soon became aware of a new threat: a torpedo, pumping through the depths, its digital tracking systems seeking her out. Computers in her mind told her the torpedo’s precision systems would stop working accurately below eight hundred yards—A wave of anger damped down the data. She could go deeper and deeper into this ocean of night and never come back—Then the torpedo exploded and her sense of peace was torn apart. Pain stabbed from her head to her heart as the computers in her mind switched on in response, half drowning her with information. Machine guns spat noise and bullets that only bruised and made her madder. Taken by a flying reptile with wings as big as a bus to the farthest reaches of Siberia, Adam once again finds himself at the center of a plot to take down the evil organization Geneflow, who plan to create an apocalypse, ending life on earth as we know it, in order to create a world of hyper-evolved beings. Raptor once again brings dinosaurs colliding with modern society in an action-packed thriller perfect for fans of Alex Rider or Jurassic Park. With a blink of her enormous eyes, she switched to infrared vision, seeking out heat traces, in case the target was submerged. Her prey stood on the deck of the assault craft, soft things, the weapons they clutched no use at all. See, we think there might be something important on this disk, and all the evidence in this Geneflow case points to you being the guy to show us what it is.”Mr. “And this is why your people summoned us here, with barely a day to pack up and fly out? “I appreciate the disruption to your lives bringing you here has caused. But the Geneflow threat hasn’t gone away like we all hoped it would. Adam’s eyes darted all around, scanning for the slightest movement that would betray the presence of a survivor. “We hear you’re a natural-born gamer, and we’re kind of counting on you. Not that there was much to see but ash and rubble and charred, misshapen buildings.

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