Seniors truth or dare chat rooms

It had sharp points on the inside that were bound to hurt, I began to shake with fear at the possible pain I would feel for sure. It's amazing how many of my lady friends have their husbands in similar devices for the same reasons as you she smiled at me as she approached.

It's called mikes spikes and fits over your little balls!

My schoolteacher wife, Alison 26 years of age and a real stunner, never seemed to complain, so it never came up so to speak about her being unfaithful or wanting satisfaction elsewhere, well not until I got caught red handed my panties (I had put a pair of her sexy underwear on to help me masturbate to a good climax!

) around my ankles and my cock spurting feebly into my hand as I came!

I walked through to the living room and found the clothing as described.

I took them to my new bedroom and dressed as told, as I looked in the mirror I realised I could easily pass as a short haired woman and that made my face blush and my small cock get hard almost straight away.

It wouldn't be long before him getting hard was something I didn't want to happen too often but that was still to come.

This story is about a married wife who makes her small dick husband a sissy slave, and eventually finds some real cock to fill what she has been missing but it comes from an unexpected source.

If this type of story offends you fuck off and read the beano or something negativity I get daily, so it won't be new to me.

Not nearly totally naive she knew that several of her senior students had a crush on her, she had caught many of them several times ogling her taut breasts and legs.

But put it down to teenage youthfulness and lack of sex with girls of their own age.

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