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This trick is being used by the new Trojan, discovered by Kaspersky lab experts.Infection starts with a message from a friend, saying something like “Your photo isn’t really that great” or “i don’t think i will ever sleep again after seeing this photo” – virus varies the message.Basically, Skype's servers can let other people connect to your computer directly, or connect via the Skype servers.When the other person connects to your Mac directly, Norton Firewall will prompt you.On the other hand I get unsolicited instant messages from strangers and these messages do not trigger a NIS warning.

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We don't know why Skype made the connection, nor what the other person will do when they connect to your Mac.

All we can do is tell you the application that is trying to let somebody connect to your Mac, and the address of the other person.

A provocative text is accompanied by a link that looks like If clicked, it leads to a website, which then downloads multiple malicious modules to the PC instead of showing any pictures.

Besides traditional activity like password stealing, this piece of malware tries to use installed Skype to send malicious links to the unsuspecting victim’s friends.

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