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There is a gap between the theory and the practical implementation at all levels.” The study offered as explanation that domestic violence is considered “a private family matter in which society should not interfere” and that “violence is considered normal behavior.” (from The Date Report) This is not to say that all Vietnamese men are abusers, and there are some indications the paradigm is beginning to change.But as in all interactions between cultures, especially intimate relations, we recommend you go in with your eyes open and be sure you and your partner share the same expectations for how to behave towards one another.After getting to know each other through the dating process, the man and the woman often make the decision to get engaged, as marriage is the primary purpose of dating in the Vietnamese culture.However, before the engagement can occur, the man is expected to ask for permission to marry from the woman’s parents.It’s no surprise that some Vietnamese have been slower to move away from the traditions which have sustained many generations through difficult times.With all that said though, if you’re talking with a Vietnamese person on Findmate, there’s a good chance they are younger and more open to non-traditional dating.During the group dates, the man and the woman are expected to refrain from showing each other physical affection, as it is looked down on in the Vietnamese culture.In the Vietnamese culture, the woman is expected to be submissive and never initiate a courtship with a man, because it is seen as being too forward and improper behavior for a woman.

It is also considered proper etiquette to spend time with the family on multiple occasions, often bringing gifts such as flowers and wine, before asking her parents for permission to formally date their daughter.For a Westerner, dating a Vietnamese person is not without challenges.For one thing, Vietnamese women in particular are tightly bound to their families, and traditionally the path to dating one runs through the parents.Living arrangements are changing, especially for migrants who left home villages to study at university or work in offices and factories around the southern commercial hub of Ho Chi Minh City.Internet chat rooms, web sites, blogs and columns in the state-run "mass media" have become forums for young people to discuss love and sex and sexual orientation.

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