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She asked me, almost in a whisper, whether I drink alcohol or beer.

I was surprised at her question, and answered in the negative; and, told her, I had tasted beer in a few occasional parties when I accompanied my hubby but never had any hot liquor.

Madhu asked me whether I would like to go to the restaurant for dinner or should we order room service; and, suggested that it would be better to have dinner in the room, possibly after gulping a mug or two of good beer.

I thought for a while, and wanted to have the thrill of doing so... (I later thought and wondered, how meticulously she had pre-planned the whole arrangement...

This is my first sexual experience with another girl. I was married for just one year and was leading a normal sexual life, fully content with my hubby...

the sex with him was a bliss, may be because I have been brought up in such a conventional life style.

The bathroom and the toilet were 'Glamourooms' as they advertise in the Parryware ads.

The pre-lunch session went off well and we all headed to lunch, a buffet one at that.

There was this girl from an organisation in Maharashtra who was also a participant at the Seminar.

Her name is Madhulika Sharma (Madhu for short), 26 years old, with a pretty face, and a gorgeous body.

and I was taken aback at her straightforward comment.

I was watching the song intently when she told me that she wanted to freshen up and proceeded to the bathroom to take a shower.

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