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Mom thought my Uncle should give me away but I had lived with Andrew and his dad for over a year and i wanted the family to get along.

Just enjoy the collection and post anything we've missed.--RULES: This group defines incest as: vaginal intercourse between amateur blood relatives.

COM18008917846 for .10 and again on 1117 two more times for .10 from INTERNETi don't even have a clue what they are for or who they are.

I emailed when I saw the first one and told them they had NO permission from me to do this and yet it has happened again.

why 8s 0.39 coming out of my bank when I did not order anything .

I checked my creditcard account i saw this "funtownweeke" has charged my creditcard.

I intend to hound these bastards till they are out of this illegitimate business or everyone is aware of their dishonesty.

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