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I've just been down to the local BP by my mum's, pulled in and there's an old man sat in his lil corsa just right of the middle of the forecourt blocking all available parking spaces - obviously he was waiting for someone, I waved my hand at him as he looked like he was in a day dream and motioned him to move a little so I could pull into a parking space, he didn't move anyhow i managed to mavouver my car into a space and got out when i heard Man - "You've come in the wrong way you stupid cow" I turned around the the old man's staring at me, I replied simply Me "There's no entrance or exit signs and you're blocking the 3 available spaces, which ever way I came in I wouldn't be able to park" Anyhows I go into the garage and use the cashpoint, while i'm there a man approaches me.

Man -"Why did you have a go at my Dad" Me - "Actually I didn't" Man - "You came in the wrong F****** way, why you having a go at him" Me - "Actually I didn't, I pointed out he's blocked any available spaces that are left by waiting for you" By this time i'm walking out of the garage, he's following me.

slowly walking past, so I go to the window and pull my blind back so she can see me, and stared back, she said something but I couldn't hear so I opened my window and she came up and asked if my baby was alright (both kids screaming at this point) and I'm like 'uh, yeah' and she was 'oh I could her her screaming and I was wondering if she was ok' 'and I said 'well she is a he and all babys scream' and she then said that every time she walks past my house all she can hear is my baby screaming (which I don't believe) so again I said all babies cry and then said 'and for your information my son has a disability, which means he may cry abit more than other children' she then said 'oh, I thought it was something like that' and went on to say something about her grandchild having a disabililty (which sounded like ********) and hen said again 'I thought it was something like that', I then closed my window without even saying goodbye and just thought, bloody cheek!

My mum works in a residential home for the elderly and one of the residents had her in a headlock once!

In my experience old people expect everything to be done their way even if it is wrong just because they are old.

Their so called perfect children are the ones that are either raising the 'monsters' now, or raised the generation that are now raising the 'monsters' iyswim!

So taking their theory into consideration, they obviously didnt do that good a job did they I hate it when old people are rude and inconsiderate!!!

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