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Blame is one of the most common destructive habits I've seen in couples. Rather than telling our partners "You're making me angry," it's much better to say, "When you did X, Y, or Z, I didn't feel so good.We want to blame our significant others for the way we feel. I felt really uncomfortable." Whether it's avoiding blame or any other relationship-sabotaging factors, is there anything you could do differently in a new relationship to stop it from going the way of your marriage?First, ask yourself if the person you're with has the qualities you'd want in a long-term partner. Or is the physical attraction blinding you to how wrong you really are for each other?Another question to ask: Am I happy alone even without a man in my life? The key is to find ways to release the baggage so it doesn't get stuck inside of you.

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Here are three post-divorce dating dangers and how you can avoid them: 1. Trusting a new man once you've been hurt by your ex-husband is difficult.Yet, if you don't get rid of this distrust toward men it will destroy your chance of finding someone new.This distrust often shows up in online dating profiles when you say things like, "no head games" or "no dishonest men." When you write those things in your profile, you're broadcasting on a billboard that you've been hurt and that you're distrustful.If the answer is yes, then you're ready to get involved in a new relationship. In fact, much of the time, you're probably not even aware of your baggage.But if the only reason you're getting involved in a new relationship is because you can't stand to be alone, then your new relationship may indeed be a rebound relationship. It's time to have an internal dialogue with yourself.

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