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The ANC NEC was divided on Zuma's future, with both his detractors and supporters pushing to win the day, after his recall as state president was raised at the meeting on Saturday.

Cabinet appointments remain Zuma's prerogative, but ministers had spoken out despite serving at his pleasure.While ANC provincial leaders have questioned the timing over the application brought last Friday that seeks to have any resolutions from the conference set aside as unlawful and invalid, they have refused to comment on the application until after the local government elections next Wednesday.The letter, a copy of which is in ANA's possession, was sent to Mantashe on April 28 by a Durban-based attorney who has since distanced himself from the action because of concerns over his safety.- - 30 November There have been many heated national executive committee (NEC) meetings in the ANC's nearly 105-year existence.It is rare, however, for NEC members to openly accuse each other of being "counter-revolutionaries" and "acting on behalf of your handlers".

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