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Its imagery connects to sexuality, irrationality, obsession, and addiction....

Two-year-olds and three-year-olds don't yet know what a stranger is, or who's harmless and who's not.

When you go out, ask her to stay close and to hold your hand in crowded places.

Teach her about body safety Children this age are not too young to learn the names of their genitals and that it's wrong for most people to touch them there.

With the encouragement of this 2-Day, spending time with someone special is greatly favored.

The card of the Devil represents the darker side of humankind, all that is shameful, base, and that we avoid to confront.

However, she is still too young to be left unsupervised in public because she won't have good judgment yet or be able to control her natural impulses.

As you begin talking about strangers, keep in mind that despite sensational media coverage, stranger abductions are still extremely rare.

You could try saying, "If you lose me in the supermarket, go to where we pay for things and tell them you're lost.

Don't move from there until I come to get you".

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