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Neither flirting, nor teasing is exclusive to one gender.

I have seen both sexes engage in both behaviours with members of the opposite sex.

It’s sort of impromptu play: a “sport” indulged in not just for the amusement of the flirt—typically a young, coquettish woman, but at times a libidinous male, or “player”—but also for the person being flirted possible interest in the alleged “temptress”—which might include a competitor or, indeed, a spouse! As a “tease,” ultimate sexual consummation is unlikely, and may be frankly impossible—although occasionally flirtations that start out innocent enough end up in the bedroom. It’s amorousness for its own sake—without, that is, serious intent.

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But with the cock teaser, their interest isn’t in the other person at all but in arousing his libido—with the ultimate intention of thwarting (or possibly ) that arousal.

So any evidence that an attractive woman is attracted to the desire she’s impishly evoking, yet her enticing, come-hither behavior may carry its own rewards for the pleased (and grateful! Light-hearted and mischievous, flirting is one way that adults have fun.

There’s more or less an implicit understanding between the two parties that what interested, so that even if they can’t fool around for real, they can at least “play” at fooling around.

Additionally, if you'd like to check out some of my other writings for I find it both unfortunate and rather offensive that this article focuses so specifically on gender.

Cock tease is offensive and derogatory to women (even with the acknowledgement than straight men might engage in the behaviour with gay men).

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