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Unlike other 'free' social networks, 101Christiannetworks does not keep owenership of all your data, images and other personal and private info and hence is genuinely a free site and service.

Plus you can remove your account any time - a feat almost impossible on other social networking sites!

Check out the Christian Tube - it's a FREE site allows you to add and share Christian videos, general videos, sermons, events dates and happenings, home videos, friends, holiday pics, howto videos and meet with other Christians now!

Christian 'youtube' alternative video sharing service. A social network online is one where you can easily see and connect with everyone elses social network of online friends providing they allow you to be a friend in the first place. There is potentially no limit to the number of connections you can make - only that of the software which incidentally caused several of the largest networks to get into trouble recently with massive problems upgrading to systems that could cope with the incresed numbers or social networkers!

Internet socializing has become hugely popular, and Web sites that help people meet potential dates, find new friends and keep track of old ones are big business.

Hundreds of sites attract tens of millions of users, and more sites come online daily.

Nevertheless facebook like bebo, faceparty, tribe and the rest do have millions of members and is growing with thousands every day and is in my humble opinion, the very best of the secular social networking services.

It seemed like an easy way to create a rather customizable web presence. But, yeah, they did avoid the obnoxious ads (at first), and I can visit someone's page without blasting music or getting an eyeful of html poop. I think if they created My Space 2.0 without all the crap (essentially what Facebook did) and made it easy to migrate your accounts and activity, they could have prevented Facebook from taking over social.

Most customizers turned their My Space page into a really bad website, with (loud) music that would automatically start up, and you were always a click away from a near-pornographic image (uh, Dad, Mom, no it's just My Space, I'm not surfing for porn! I don't get how Facebook avoids being all over the place.

Some states are considering requiring tighter security and confidentiality, and a bill introduced in the House of Representatives would require schools and libraries to block teenagers from the sites.

But they didn't, and it was crap, and I basically put up a My Space message saying I was moving to Facebook for all the reasons, and that's where people could find me. I totally agree with this, and when Facebook launched it was clear to me that the restrictions it placed on customization of profile pages, and providing smart defaults for layout, don't, and color would make social more functional and valuable for most users.

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