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In July 1999, relationship and sex advice columnist Dan Savage dismissed fantastical gay sex urban legends as a thing that existed only “in the imaginations of some straight people whose sex lives are so dull, they have to make up bullshit”.

We contacted Savage about “sex roulette,” and he told us: No one ever went broke tossing up stories about the gross things all gay men allegedly do all the time.

Some HIV-positive men, it is also alleged, are just as willing to infect these troubled souls with HIV. There were occasional stories about it in the late 1990s, stories that fueled an urban legend but that never made it to the mainstream. Because of simple lack of hard evidence that anyone but a very few disturbed people were involved.

First of all, the assertion that such parties could even be orchestrated is kind of ridiculous.

These meetings, reports Cadena Ser, consist of groups of people — usually gay men — who engage in orgies or group sex that include the guest suffering from AIDS, but without disclosing which participant is the sick individual.

There is no credible evidence that such an event has ever occurred, much less is “on the rise.” The claim of HIV-infecting sex parties sweeping the globe is based on vague statements purportedly made by a single physician in Spain, and none of the published articles carried firsthand reports.

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Who are all these other Spanish doctors attesting to the existence of these events?

The closest was a statement made at one time by a stripper in Serbia who simply claimed such events were happening (not that she had ever attended or witnessed one).

In 2003, columnist Andrew Sullivan published a piece critical of a related moral panic over what is called “bug chasing.” While the term remains in the vernacular as a practice in which an individual deliberately seeks out HIV infection, Sullivan took issue with reports that it was a widespread practice: It was an all-red, over-the-banner Drudge headline, guaranteed to grab attention.

“MAG: 25% OF NEW HIV-INFECTED GAY MEN SOUGHT OUT VIRUS, SAYS SAN FRAN HEALTH OFFICIAL.” Drudge was referring to a four-page story by one Gregory A.

Freeman, in Rolling Stone magazine, owned by gay media mogul Jann Wenner.

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