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I explain what's just happened and she just stares for several minutes. I walked over to the dark grey door with the embossed title of 'Silver' at eye level in black and knocked.

She takes one look at me and asks, "What happened Dee? The descent brought back feelings akin to those on the walk I endured when my father handed me over to pay his debts. My palms became sweaty, the rest of me following and I thanked whichever deity listened for waterproof make-up and deodorant. Kinsey has laid out one of my more striking outfits. Kinsey, sensing my change from panicked to numb, leans back against the wall. I do the usual preparation, shave what needs to be shaved and wash thoroughly. I'll try to get to the bottom of it, ask around 'n that but you need to come back to me okay? Minutes later, I'm in the bath and happily washing off the stresses of the morning. I still feel numb but Kinsey knows the life, we made plans that we'll get out together, so I grab hold of that hope and steel myself.

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