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A post shared by Matthew Lewis (@mattdavelewis) on There are no details about what they actually text each other, though I really hope they make use of the snake, sock, and lightning bolt emojis on the regular.Emma did mention, however, that she used the group chat to get the cast to come to the premiere of Matt Lewis and Tom Felton did come to the screening, though, huzzah!"We should celebrate our different shapes and sizes, our caesarean scars and all the other beautiful imperfections that make us who we are.I hope every woman in this room goes home tonight, looks in the mirror and says, "Yes, this is fan-fucking-tastic!Whilst she might have initially found fame playing Hermione Granger in the She said: "A friend told me about this website called OMGYes, which is dedicated to female sexuality. Definitely check it out, it's an expensive subscription but it's worth it."The website in question costs £40 to join, and shares documentary interview on "actual" techniques for pleasure. A company spokesperson for OMGYes told New York Faily News: "Instead of just making academic journal articles, we're making the findings practical, real and experiential in the form of documentary interviews - both explicit and non-explicit - with real-life women, not actresses. It has a mixture of female and male users, and apparently includes a touch-screen feature called 'touchable simulation', which allows users to "practice what they've learned on a photo-real movable image." Not only is this stupidly innovative, but we also feel like it could be used as a great way to teach sex education.

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She first became known for her efforts to promote gender equality when she gave a speech on the topic to the United Nations in 2014.

Emma Watson is a great role model for womankind, isn't she?

Whether it's her #Hefor She campaign,inspiring speech at the UN about gender equality or the fact she's not afraid to discuss sexuality in public, she's kind of a big deal.

He For She can be a movement for everyone, not just straight men. "It's not about men saving women." He For She is "not a men's club," Emma said.

"It's an equality club for both genders." We can all come together to support each other, regardless of your gender identification. "If you've got a beating heart and you care about things, that's so great." Expressing your emotions should not be left to one gender. "I'm really disturbed by this idea that men can't cry," Emma said.

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