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Caption: Having got married in 2005, Bethany and Michael welcomed a daughter in 2011.

But like every relationship is put to the test, theirs did too, and the two could not come out of the testing phase in their relationship unscathed leading them to get divorced in 2012, thereby ending a relationship that lasted over six years.

The one thing we could always count on during the long-running WB/CW drama was the friendship between Haley and Lucas.

Even with Murray’s character leaving at the end of season six, we always knew that they would be best friends no matter what.

The two played Nathan Scott & Haley James in One Tree Hill, and they were a romantic pair in the very project.

Caption: Bethany and James played co-stars in One Tree Hill.

Over a three-day period, several stars from the unforgettable WB series were able to meet with loyal fans as well as reminisce about the series that lasted for nine seasons and concluded in 2012.

Well, we bring you all the details along with her current dating affairs. Beautiful Bethany was once married to her ex-husband and musician Michael Galeota.

“I mean, I think that [a romantic relationship] might’ve been the original way they were planning on taking the story, but also, there was some unexpected chemistry with James [Lafferty], too.” Oh yes, we know.

“It was also every kind of nerdy high schooler’s dream that the star jock is interested in her and I just don’t think they anticipated how many girls would really connect to and relate to that story,” Lenz continued.

However, one thing we can be sure of is that Bethany and actor Wes Ramsey are dating and sharing a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship since 2012.

The relationship between them is seen to be deep and has lasted a good amount of time.

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