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Wikipedia reports that the Foundation for American Veterans "makes far too many calls to people who are not veterans.

The reps hang up before one can get to the telephone and they call up to 8 times in a single day.

This practice is not only excessive, but counterproductive in obtaining donations because they are such a nuisance.

When calling back their number, there is no option for removing one's phone number from their database."If you would like to contact FAV to ask more specific questions, you may e-mail them at fav (at) fav (dot) org.

Since "FAV" is registered as a non-profit/charity with the IRS, the Do Not Call list won't stop them from calling. I said I would AFTER I reviewed the organization, because I did not know them.

Charities, political organizations, and survey calls are exempt from the Do Not Call list. Told him to stop calling and we'll see if they comply. I'm a veteran and I've never heard of these people. These Folks are SCAMMERS Masquerading As a Legit Non-profit Charity operating as a Section 501(c) organization. A simple Google search of 'FAV', 'Foundation for American Veterans', 'Larry Siedell,' to see just how blatant a bunch of hustlers these jerks are. "Not going to recruit me or anything" in a joking voice. Since then I have been called every day at different times, sometimes very early in the morning.

When I asked her to give me my address, just to make sure it was correct, she indeed had my correct address. I told her to send a pledge card and I would think about it. I am so sorry for all of the vets, families, the elderly and others who have lost loved ones only to be aggravated by these weasels. My father saw combat in WWI, passed away in 2003 without recognition or appreciation. They're readily available on the internet for between and . Said they would mail me an envelope for donation but did not. Told them I did not get envelope and they wanted my credit card number. I got a call in December 2015 and was asked if I would make a donation, a very reasonable amount.

WHY DOESN'T OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES FIND, PROSECUTE, AND JAIL THESE CRIMINALS??? It is appalling to me that an organization like this can actually exist. They are taking money that could actually go to help worthwhile veterans' organizations, instead of running their wretched little scam that annoys and misleads concerned citizens. Each time they call and ask for my wife is like them renewing the sorrow I feel for my departed life-long companion.

ANOTHER CASE OF SOMEONE HAVING A JOB, NOT DOING IT, AND YET STILL HAVING THEIR JOB! I am now in the process of seeking legal remedy and hope I can at least stop them from calling my residence. Guy's name is Steve and I have received two pledge cards in the mail so far.

with the Secretary of State for the State of Washington (charities must register in each state in which they intend to solicit donations).

According to the information filed with Washington State, for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2007, the organization had revenue of ,263,927, and spent 8,196 on program services out of total expenses of ,118,508.

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