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Finally her orgasm passed and she tried to slump down to the bed but he was gripping her hips again, keeping her ass up so he could stay inside of her. He was still hard as a rock, but now with this angle his cock was grinding against her g spot. She arched her back so he could grind against her deeper. The room lit up instantly and she slammed her eyes shut, not ready for that after being in the pitch black darkness for so long. He reached around and started caressing her freshly shaved mound again. He started rocking up into her gently as they kissed. He grabbed something and then hit the light switch. Her arms were stretched out behind her and he was fucking her from behind. She was so turned on, it was taking everything she had to wait for him. -- Alex woke up to the bed dipping and then the blankets moving. She dropped her hand from his balls, too tired and needing a break and her hand landed in a puddle of her own wetness. Once standing at the side of the bed she thought twice, dropped the nightgown so that she was completely naked and crawled under the covers. She either had the soundest sleep of her life or it simply hadn't been that long. "Mmmm," she moaned as he moved a hand to cup her mound. She pushed her ass back causing his finger to slip into her pussy. He leaned over and pressed his face to the back of her shoulder and started rubbing the front wall of the inside of her pussy. " She meant it to come out firm but she moaned in the middle and it turned her demand into a plea. She had just shaved earlier that day and apparently, he liked it. He found her g spot almost immediately and was slowly but firmly stroking it. "Shhh," he whispered against her shoulder, muffled by her skin. Alex could feel his gaze drift to her before going back to Chaoxiang. While walking to the private elevator that was for their wing she thought about the night, and especially about that last kiss with Chaoxiang. Once there, she paid the taxi driver and headed into the building.

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She washed her face and brushed her teeth before slipping into a silky nightgown. She felt him fist the hair at the back of her head and yank so she was forced to look forward. The room was pitch black but all she saw was white. He used two fingers to spread her lips and push up so that her enlarged clit came out of its hood, and another finger to rub it directly. He spent more time than usual caressing the smooth skin of her mound. Finally he moved his hand lower, lightly running over her lips and dipping a finger into her wetness. She assumed the others must be back too, so she'd need to be quiet. He pulled his finger out and she felt the head of his cock rubbing her. He didn't normally shave his balls because they grew such thin hair anyway. She sank her chest down into the bed and reached an arm under her and back towards him. He must've been anticipating sex just as much as she had if he prepped to this extent. She decided to call it a night after just a few more drinks. Around an hour or so later everybody except for a couple guys and four girls were still going hard. She loved when he kissed her like this, he'd push into her and his tongue would ravage her mouth. Including the entire day of traveling and two days before that where they chaotically got everything ready for the trip, it had been a complete 10 days since they had sex last. She found him talking to Chanming, James, and Deshi. "I'll probably be back pretty late, so just go to bed without me." He kissed her once again and she felt butterflies rise in her stomach. They had arrived in China a week ago and had been so busy from morning until night that they hadn't gotten to have sex the entire time.

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