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sleeps with Kitty to get information about where some files are located, despite being repulsed by her. that he is selling the family yacht Lucille which G. as a child and has no respect for him as an adult, but has always said that he was the child with charm, and likes him more than Lucille does, and more so than Buster. B.'s mother Lucille openly loathes him and only calls on him to do her dirty work, though they occasionally see eye to eye on minor things and share a laugh. Her advice may seem obvious, but she gives some subtle tricks and variations that just might help get you that phone number! is portrayed by Will Arnett and appears in 66 episodes of the series.

He sleeps with her again to distract her so George and Lucille can have a conjugal visit.

B., now the president of the Bluth Company after Michael decided to leave the family, finds a briefcase in his office wall with a signed contract between his father and Saddam Hussein.

is hired by Stan Sitwell of Sitwell Enterprises for his bullish business techniques but Michael thinks it is only because of an upcoming softball game.

is tasked to send George Michael away from him, he is genuinely upset but does so out of respect for Michael. has actual magical abilities and once told Lucille that he can handle more than any of them believe, much to her confusion.

Buster eventually earned his respect on a construction site.

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