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'The shooting season is quite short and is a declining and some would say an old-fashioned market.

If you want to build a modern holiday business, you have to offer people warmth and comfort and offer something for female guests, and this is where the spa comes in.'Anders Povlsen has to be applauded for doing this and we wish to implement the model we have used on the Glen Feshie estate on our other estates.

It's a spectacular success story, but it was not without personal cost.

In 1998, the Povlsens were subjected to a ten-month reign of terror by an extortionist called Kurt Hansen, who threatened to kill family members if he didn't receive £1 million.

He bought Kinloch near Tongue with its 19,000 acres in 2011 for £5.1 million.

Sir Edwin Landseer's Monarch Of The Glen is famous the world over as an iconic image of the Highlands, so it is understandable that the National Galleries of Scotland should be fighting to save it for the nation and prevent it being sold to a foreign buyer.

More than that, the secretive rag-trade billionaire is also the proud possessor of a staggering £100 million of Highland property, the result of a stealthy campaign of acquisition that could soon make him the largest private landlord not just north of the Border, but of Britain.

I have everything I need and a nice watch that works. 'The former employee added: 'Anders works 12-hour days so there is not much time for socialising.

He hangs on to his old friends from his childhood in Brande. Buying castles and estates is not about social climbing.

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