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My name is Francis and I have been living in Hong Kong for over three years now.I am originally from the UK, an area in the South West called Devon.I am well educated and pride myself on my pronunciation and teaching ability.I was teaching full time for two years and now teach privately on a part time basis.I hold a degree and Tefl and have 6 years experience teaching and tutoring all ages.Hello there, I am Holly, German born Chinese with a Master Degree from King's College London.

While the coolness feels hot for some, it just doesn't work for me.

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If you've ever wished you could give out a fake number on Tinder, but signing up for some kind of fake online texting thing where you have to sign into an app to check your messages on your fake number (oh, yes, I have done it) seems like a pain in the ass, there's a theoretically better solution.

Areas of teaching are phonics (Jolly Phonics), improving primary student exam test / grades, grammar, speech festivals, speaking skills, daily conversation, drilling, creative writing, P1 primary and F1 secondary interview skills / practice, and DSE speaking.

Open to students who are seeking overseas education (e.g. John works diligently to assist students to continuously improve their English grades; he is an enthusiastic, lively and humorous English teacher.

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