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I stood up and she hugged me, wet body, wet suit and all, she gave me a big hug and a wet kiss.Have you eaten; I can fix some sandwiches, would you like that?Shed been a hottie when he was younger but even now the feelings remained and he was ashamed of that, she was his Mother after all.He built a fire ring of river stones and went into the woods to gather up tinder, twigs and bigger logs, theyd be cooking over the fire and the evenings could get chilly in the mountains.They had a hearty breakfast before they left, pancakes, eggs and bacon then set off.When they got into North Georgia they stopped for lunch then drove to the trailhead where Tommy could leave the vehicle.

Like a lot on boys Tommy had always been attracted to his Mom.Most of the gear theyd need was stored in the garage.He got out the tent and set it up, checking for rips. He did make one concession to his Mom, he bought an air mattress and foot pump, a little more weight but he thought shed appreciate the comfort.He set up a grate over the fire, added the bones and heads to the pot and let it simmer for thirty minutes then strained it through a piece of cheese cloth.Then he added some dehydrated corn and onions and diced a potato, he let this simmer, after thirty minutes he add some powdered milk and one , having diced it, one of the fish.

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