Accomidating resistance

Sikaswell S-2 is also a swellable hydrophilic sealant that is used to prevent water penetration through water containing and water retaining structures at pipework, steelwork, and other penetrations, and construction junctions particularly for difficult cast in situ concrete details. Adheres to almost any surface, stone, brick, concrete, timber, copper, marble, ceramic, tile, etc.

Pumaintain Joint Repair - a 3 part flexible, hard wearing, rubber reinforced, arriss and joint repair mortar. Also suitable for repair applications, including vertical and overhead, crack/void filling, grouting and sealing.

Flamex S a one part low modulus fire rated silicone sealant for fire protection of curtain walling, building facades. Firefoam B1 a quick-setting fire rated, one part polyurethane foam.

Its monuments and light-hearted way of life are particularly enjoyable at the end of September.Particularly suitable for sealing where fuel and oil spillage may occur on aircraft fueling areas, oil terminals, garage forecourts, parking and cargo areas.Nitoseal MS300 a one part sealant designed for perimeter and saw cut floor joints offering abrasion resistance and movement accomodation Uniseal 200/90 Coldpour is a high performance pitch-free sealant for transport depots, forecourts, airport runways, bridge decks, Flamex Fire Protection for fire protection in expansion and construction joints in floors, walls anc ceilings, confining smoke and fire, giving extra time for people to escape from fire situations.We invite all of you to join the We inform you that this website may use your own and third party cookies to offer you a better experience and service.If you continue browsing our website, we understand that you accept the use we make of cookies.

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