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Jam-packed as Able Dating and Able Space were at that time, nothing could stop ABK-Soft's dating software engineers and community script developers.

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Thousands of hours spent on the development of a life-like multi-user city, with detailed and high-quality 3D models made many of the competitors drool, and some even shake at the sole mentioning of the 3D City feature.Consider switching to Able Dating 2.4 and/or Able Space 1.0.In just a few hours you'll be able to enjoy its rich features and high technology, with ABK-Soft's friendly support team guiding you through each and every step of installation, setup and administration/management. Check out the Second Part of ABK-Soft Milestones to find out more about Consumer Relations and Support, or the Third Part of ABK-Soft Milestones to find out what ABK-Soft has in store for you and your Able Dating Dating Script or Able Space Community Software.A limited amount of licenses were given out and sold at special prices.Packed with the latest and hottest features, Mixer!!

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