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So as I’m finishing getting ready, he gets a call from his buddy that they can pick him up in five minutes and head to a new bar that’s opening.

He invited me, but its pretty obvious that this is my chance to be cool and encourage him to go with his friends without tagging along the wife and baby. What would he do if I left him alone and went out with my girlfriends on a whim? Of course, not every man and woman follows this trend- but I have noticed this is rather common among many of friends relationships.

As much as I need his support and company when I attend social gatherings, he needs my support when he is craving some time to re-energize.

I am going to make an effort to improve this area in our marriage.

Women tend to fear that their man is losing interest in them or don’t love them when he pulls away to get space.

Often they might nag him about it or get emotional.

I feel as though we truly do enjoy our company when we have quality time together, and part of it is due to us both having our own lives, friendships, hobbies, and time spent apart.

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So, I have been learning that one of the most loving and respectful acts I can give my husband is to give him some space when he needs it.

If he wishes to go on a camping trip, out for a movie with a friend, or just sit in his computer room for a couple hours to unwind I should encourage it.

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