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Mr Hargreaves also conducted the interviews for the project. This collection comprises captioned photographs dating from 1908 to 1925 of plant buildings and operations.A cute little kitten is the perfect addition to any family and below you will find plenty of kittens for sale, in a variety of breeds and sizes.Image: Fleischmann Distilling Corporation, Fleischmann's Mixer's Manual,1947.38 items.

Image: "Arlington worker Horace Franklin poses proudly amid a miscellany of useful goods made of plastics", from "Plastics Worker: His Job Traces the Basic Pattern of Du Pont Research, Production," Better Living, vol. Image: Main studio from the control room at Motorola's Semiconductor Products Division in Phoenix, Arizona, from "The Case for Kines" by Ralph Costlow in the September 1969 issue of Business Screen.275 items.Additionally, interviews were conducted that cover packaging (canning), distribution, retail sales, and the politics around regulating the alcohol business. Learn more in our digital exhibit Beer & Brewing History at Hagley Museum & Library22 items.The project was developed by Gregory Hargreaves, Hagley's former Oral Historian. Incorporated in Reading, Pennsylvania, in 1906, Berkshire Knitting Mills began as an experimental hosiery factory and later became the largest full-fashioned knitting mill in the world.Following the repeal of national Prohibition in 1933, many Americans were eager to once again legally purchase beer, wine, and liquor.It was not long before a domestic alcoholic beverage industry soon re-emerged to meet this consumer demand.

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